Wednesday, August 25, 2010

End Of The Day Sizzle, Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald


This month my Challenge Group (Girls Just Wanna Paint) is painting The Sun. Well, I love sunshine, sunrise and sunsets, so that was perfect for me! My problem was deciding WHAT sun to paint! Here the sun lowers itself onto the horizon behind Aquidneck Island... Portsmouth, to be exact. Yes, it's the view from my porch. I know a lot of people think sunsets are too 'kitschy' but I find them serene, peaceful... inspiring, almost like a prayer. I used a little pure cadmium orange near the sun, and while it was very vivid, it made it's point! SIZZZLE!

Just letting the blood sugar settle down a bit... a day off from the donuts!

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  1. Im waiting for the sun to appear so I can paint it!
    I love your sunsets-beauty here.

  2. Love the sizzle of the sun. Never tire of your "sun" paintings.

  3. sure are good at 'SUN ' paintings!

  4. one of my favorites!!!
    love seeing your paintings every day.
    carolyn cobb

  5. Love this one! I'm sizzling down here!!

  6. This one really speaks out! Love it, the colors, the paintstrokes, everything!

  7. Kelley, this is just stunning! I can feel the warmth of the setting sun on my face and hear the waves quietly lap up on shore. It's been so hot here, I'm beginning to perspire just from looking!

  8. This is beautiful and powerful! Your comment about the donuts made me laugh. I would probably eat 2 for every 1 I painted.

  9. You can feel the heat radiate from this one, Kelley!



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