Monday, August 2, 2010

It Takes Two, 6x8 Original Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

The Donut Wars have begun! My blogger friend Susan Roden and I are engaged in dough warfare - I promise it's a fun 'fight' - and are painting our hearts out in donuts! This morning I trekked over to Allie's Donuts (the box, I swear, says Allie's Donuts... Rhode Island... as if everyone just KNOWS where it is), and yeah, we got lost .... twice. Finally enough of the "Don't you have your iPhone?" and "I thought you KNEW where this place was..." and we remembered - in our new car we have a built in GPS! D'OH! Rhode Island is a tiny state, but we had to drive over 2 islands to get to Allies, and pay EIGHT DOLLARS in bridge tolls! Yeah. For donuts.

I struggled a bit with the acrylic paint for no good reason. I am used to the creaminess of the oil paint, although I did the painting BELOW in acrylic, in a trip we've made an annual pilgrimage to P'town last Friday. No problems with the paint that day. With the perspective, with the flag, with the fleeting light, but the paint was fine! I hope you all had a good weekend, too!

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  1. Looks like those donuts were "worth the trip." Opps, that's another brand, isn't it! Sounds like you had a fun day all in all.

  2. Glad you made the trek. Fun painting duel, love the icing & stuff on top. Waiting for the next installment.

  3. Hooray for the Donut Wars! Sounds like fun and we'll all enjoy seeing the results. Great job on this painting - they do look yummy!

  4. I saw that painting on FB and thought..... * girl, Kelley, is at it again tempting me with treats or cocktails* lol! Great piece, girlfriend!!

  5. Touche` Kelley!
    Nice... and I can vouch donuts definitely are worth the trip!

  6. This battle is so much fun! These two beauties should make a big impact for your side. Just remember "take no prisoners" them all as quickly as you can!

  7. I like that rainbow flag from the Provincetown painting, Kelley!




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