Thursday, August 5, 2010

Possible Casualty in the Donut War, original oil painting by Kelley MacDonald

Hmmmm... I knew there was a reason I never bought these.... WHAT A CHALLENGE! Translucent parts, glazed parts, shadow parts---aye-yi-yi! This was the 3rd effort at capturing the wonderful pastry. I think Susan Roden may take me prisoner over this one! Our donut war is fun (and friendly, no need to worry!)! But starting Monday I'll be alternating subjects again (surely there will be more donuts, but I'll need a new wardrobe if I don't start painting other things!).**

In the meantime, my Challenge Group, Girls Just Wanna Paint, has posted July's efforts. The topic is Fin, Fur or Feather.
** Where I come from these donuts are called "Crawla's" (you know, French Crawllers).
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  1. I've always thought these french crullers looked like tractor tires. You can roll right over the competition with this one, Kelley.

  2. Oh I love these! Wish I had one with a tea this morning. You did a great job. I think painting these would be hell (for all the reasons you mentioned). I'll just stick to eating them ; )

  3. Actually this is one of my favorites!
    I love the abstractness of it.

  4. Nope, not a casualty here Kelley. You really nailed the color of this yummy pastry. The brushstrokes are delightful. I have to say it is hard to look at them and not want to run out and buy one.

  5. love your donut wars! they all look good enough to eat!

  6. Oh I love this Kelley, your struggle paid off in spades. Love your brush work!

  7. WOW! You did it, you changed the opening so your name shows more readily!!!

    I really was pleased to be with you on the show this morning! Artists Helping Artists is such a great idea! We can all grow, if we do just that.

    One of the aspects ofyour blog that I really enjoy is the painting of birds with which you open. Even better now that your name is more readable.

    Happy Painting!

  8. Hi there Kelley,
    So great to be on Leslie's and Dreama's show with you! Love the pastry series! And yes, your name is much more readable now! Great job!

  9. Love the sweeping brushwork. You aced the rich golds and browns, lights and darks. Delicious! If you and Susan don't post for a few days I will assume you are surely both in Sugar Comas.

  10. This is beautiful. It almost feels abstract. Love the brushwork!


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