Thursday, December 11, 2008


First... apologies for the no-show this week - I've been down with some evil bug. Now.... when I send out a post tomorrow.... with no artwork, I'm pretty sure, as I'm still curled up in a big blanket on the couch trying to breathe AND swallow.... whoever responds to the post first gets to choose a painting from this blog. The work I did at the workshops and Parrsborro is not eligible. Also, the painting of the skaters from Rockefeller Center is at a Holiday Show. So! All you'll have to pay is $10 or $12 shipping (insurance is the $2 difference) by Paypal, and I'll ship it out,

Happy Holidays to you all! Pin It

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  1. Hi Kelley,
    I am a fellow Rhode Islander and have been admiring your paintings from your blog!


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