Saturday, December 20, 2008

For You, 9x12 Oil

The other day I was visiting my artist friend Nancy Colella, and our plans were to paint, then have a meal together (it's an hour to her house, so I couldn't possibly make it home without food!;).  Well, we ate first, then it turned into a haircut adjustment (it happens, OK?), and then Nancy spread out the tulips I brought her on a table and I painted them.  The blue tone from beneath the paint doesn't show up as much in real life.  I'm getting into painting flowers - I never really saw the point, but now I'm feeling up to the challenge, and am very excited about it!  Today we're buried (about 8 inches) in gorgeous snow, and I'm driving to Logan to pick up Tim from a business trip very late in the day, so I hope I get to paint today - maybe some snow?

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  1. Very nice...I like the blue outlines, but you know me....

  2. Love this one, such yummy reds! Happy Holidays

  3. Nice work on the roses. I like the idea of just spreading them out.


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