Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Reflections, 5x7 Oil

Two in one day - am I crazy?
This one is $100 - through Paypal - just email me at The WINNER of the Gift Raffle today was Katie May McElwain! Thank you for all who emailed responded. I think I'll do at least one more of these (it was fun) and my husband had a great idea for the next one - that the winner gets to CHOOSE which painting they want from the blog (assuming I still have it... ). What do you think of THAT one? Also, today's post was scheduled (by Blogger) to go out at 9 a.m. EST, but apparently it went out earlier. Next week I'll do it manually to make sure the mid and west folk have an equal chance!

Dog Show day - it was PERFECT - warm, clear weather, good health, etc., except I was late and MISSED the Boston Terriers due to a tractor trailer accident on the highway. Fortunately I got to chat with an owner/breeder of the kissiest little Boston, and she happens to live on Boston's South Shore - where I haunt my friends! No litters this year, but I'll keep in touch. I don't know that they snore less than pugs (my actual first choice), but we'll keep them towards the top of the list. Also there was a plethora of pugs this year, which just makes my day complete, and the corgi's were adorable, too. Lastly the Scotties were serious but sweet - just making a wonderful morning. Pin It


  1. These reflections are great! On both ornaments! and, I like your husband's idea of choosing.

  2. Kelley, I love your blog. Not only are the paintings beautiful, the remarks following the artwork are wonderful. It's fun reading about not just your paintings, but also what you are doing. I loved the paragraph about the dog show! I'm a pet lover too! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. This is beautiful. I enjoyed my catch up here. Great stuff you've posted.

  4. Hi Kelly,
    Lovely painting! Its been some time since I have been active blogging and its great to be back checking in on everyones work. Your work is consistenty good, even better than I remember! And what a great idea to give away a little "Daily"
    Seasons Best to you, Val

  5. I love your blog too, it always makes me smile!


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