Friday, December 12, 2008

Ho Ho Ho!

Considering art is my 'job' - I am so blessed - how many other jobs can you 'phone it in' from your couch? Feeling a bit better today, but not clear headed enough to be trusted with a brush.

BUT - the first email I receive (from a subscriber) responding to this post is the winner of this week's raffle/giveaway! You can choose a painting from this Daily Painting Blog for free! When I notify you, simply log on to PayPal and send me the shipping $ ($10, or $12 with insurance).
GOOD LUCK and thanks to all of you who participated - it was fun!

Happy Holidays, and Best Wishes for a healthy, happy New Year to all of you!

BTW, this is my 300th post! I can't believe it's gone by so fast, or that I've met such fantastic people on the blogsphere, thank you all again!
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  1. HI again! Just wanted to let you know I get more traffic through your blog than any other! You must have a huge following! And I was wondering how you did the thumbnail at the top of your page. I would love to steal the idea ;-)

  2. Kelley,Wow!!
    Congratulations, 300 paintings!
    That is a big deal!! I am so impressed! Best wishes for lots more to come! Also, best wishes for a speedy recovery from that evil virus!

  3. Hey Kelley......sorry you are feeling so crummy. At least you didn't get it 3 days before Christmas! Feel better soon. Patty

  4. Ah!! KELLEY: Congrats on your 300th post, that is AWESOME!!! Hope you are feeling 100% again soon, or at least enough to be trusted with your brush again. (:


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