Saturday, December 27, 2008

Candy Canes, Acrylic 8x8

My oldest son loves plain old peppermint candy canes (yes, he's 29.... so what?) so in addition to putting a bunch on the tree I like to have a jar of them hanging around during the holidays. This year I popped a bunch of matte red glass balls in the middle of them. Yesterday I had some time to myself (everyone gone home or visiting or napping) and I set up my acrylics, which I haven't really used much since my Carol Marine workshop, and went at them. The red is more vivid in real life. I like doing holiday themed little paintings, because who cares if they don't sell? I just prop them up in every room and it makes everything a little more festive! And it's good exercise for your eyes - when I would normally, at this point, with a bit of quiet in the house, just head for a comfy chair with tea and my "Splanket" (my daughter bought them for the whole family - we look like a monastery:)!) instead I take this hour or so and measure, measure, measure - value, drawing, color... so it's kind of like going to the gym for your creative self!

I hope everyone had a peaceful holiday. I just may get around to sending out my holiday cards this weekend. We'll see! ;0 Pin It


  1. It is certainly strange that my past few visits to your blog are coming in from Weston on the Feedjit thing.
    On mine it now says top Weston blogs above the readout.
    Who knows, but it's me, from Marshfield ;)

    I am laying about, as it is pouring rain here, reading The Snow Leopard.

    Good work Kelley. Nose to the grindstone!

  2. Oh..I like! What in the heck is a splankett. I know it's a blanket of some it the one with sleeves I've seen advertised on tV..

    love the painting.

  3. Thanks, Mar - enjoy the reading day - we all should have them for our mental health! Sandy - too funny! Yes, you've probably seen the "Splanket" on those cheesy TV infomercials - and my daughter, knowing how very cold it is on the 1st floor of our house (as opposed the the roasting 2nd floor...) called in and got us these toasty longer-than-life (but, yes, odd looking) blankets with sleeves - and cowls! So next time you see one of those commercials think of me (red), Tim (brown), Conor (green) and Rory (blue) sitting and doing all the things (knitting (?), reading, watching football (kidding), and - the new challenge - painting - in them! ;) So now I am officially part of the QVC 'family'! My daughter is a very thoughtful and generous gift-giver:) My only problem is where oh where do you store them when not in use? They don't fold well. *grin*

  4. Ha ha ha! Too funny...Cecelia came in and woke me up this morning...She was watching tv before we got up with Claire....Shehas been talking about the splankett for weeks. She saw it on a commercial! She wanted it for christmas...Wierd christmas present for a 5 year old, huh....So she comes in, wakes me upm and goes "Mom, Claire and I want the splanket....But you have to be 18 to order it....Keep it in mind, ok!?" How funny that your whole crew has them!!!
    You're never too old to love candy, and those little christmasey things...I am 32 and often forget that I am supposed to "act my age" ( I may never!) ,so at 29 your son has a long way to go!
    I like this!

  5. Neat color and I like the non-literal way you painted the stripes........the essence of lines without being all lines.

  6. Thanks, Patty - and I love the work you're doing on your blog of the Tiverton under-bridge area!


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