Wednesday, December 3, 2008

IHOP Bowl, 6x6 Oil

This little IHOP bowl comes from Santa Fe, and I wanted to paint it with a silver spoon but I couldn't find one in the studio, hence the green plastic spoon. Nursing a rejection from the Daily Painters.Com (2nd one) and trying to be philosophical about it. Micah said the primary reason was that I didn't post enough. He said that they try to only accept artists who post at least 20 times a month. So I guess I fell short of that. Still.... I think if my paintings were amazing, they would have accepted me and told me it was conditional upon 20+ posts. (Here I'm patting my own head and saying 'poor thing....'). I many times don't post because the painting didn't work out. Do people want to see the 'losers'? The ones where I just want to wipe off? I know I'll get over it (again) and I know I'll throw myself even more into my blogging. So be prepared for MORE posts from me, and..... have a Happy New Year! Pin It


  1. Keep going Kelly. I think you're great and enjoy your blogs.

  2. Kelley girl! That is the fighting attitude I like! Paint like there is no tommorow and post post post!


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