Thursday, August 27, 2009

Three Chickens, 6x8, Oil, and an apology

This one's been added today from my new computer, and is a better representation of the image! (above)

First off, let me say I'm sorry for going 'dark' on you, as they say in Vegas, this past week. Between my Open Studio Tour (which was FABULOUS! Thank you, everyone), and trying to juggle between my husband's two ancient computers.. it's been crazy. And in the computer department, thanks to my overwhelming weekend, I'm getting a brand new laptop tomorrow. Unfortunately ALL my files (photos) of my work, and even my family life (Paco's baby pictures, too) are gone forever. UNLESS I want to pay $800 for some super dude to try (no guarantees) to lift them from my old hard drive. Which, BTW, when plugged into the new computer, blew it up, so I am getting a new, new computer. THAT's the last you'll hear of my computer woes, I promise. And lesson learned about backing up files....
But I painted at Taylor Bray Farm on the Cape yesterday, and one of the paintings I did was this little chicken painting. I really like chickens, and these were so cool - black & white with red. Even though they've been raised in captivity, and never been in the 'wild', they knew, somehow, there was a Red Tailed Hawk in the tree above them. It was amazing, and they set up a sqwaking you wouldn't believe. Here they are trying to keep cool by digging a little impression in the dirt and getting as low to the ground as they could.
Hey - you're not going to believe this, but I got a painting in the Portsmouth Art Guild 'Abstration' show! How cool! Of course my image of this painting is on my fried hard drive. I'll take a photo at the Opening! Yeah, I know... ME! ;)
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  1. Kelley, LOVE these little chickens! congrats on getting into the Portsmouth show lady. That is awesome. My friend Sharon was there a few days ago having fun without me. : )

  2. Very cool chickens! Love them!
    Glad to hear that the studio tour went well!!!
    Sorry about the computer issues. I've started to back my pics up. Use a flash's super easy!!

  3. Glad your weekend went well. We were in NY and got washed out. Must have been okay here.
    Love those chickens...very playful.
    Also congrats on the new computer....I learned the backup a long time ago...

  4. Love these happy girls. You've painted them beautifully!

    Congratulations of the Abstract...and Condolences on the computer. What a drag.

  5. I forgive you! This is a beautiful, beautiful painting!

  6. Kelley, Love the montone blue color palette, with touches of red. Also love the chicken subject matter. Rally great painting!


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