Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Stash, 5x7 Oil

I decided to post the various stages that evolve, from initial sketch to massing in of values, color, and at last, the highlights. Once again, Milk Bones, in a small jar. ;) This is the initial sketch:
Getting the dark values established:

Adding some color and light values:

Giving the background another layer of transparent color and adding more strokes of color to the bones:

I also wanted to mention that my Blog has been honored by being featured in a very cool new blog about... well, cool stuff! Blogger Eileen Sheldon included my blog on the August 14 post of So Suburban Chic, a blog about all kinds of things that make for a fun and interesting life! You should check it out (I love the Espadrilles from - if you can believe it - Talbots!)!

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  1. Congrats, Kelley and thanks for that great WIP. I expect we'll see milk bones in many

  2. Hey Kelley, I love your milkbone series almost as much as Paco! : )
    pughugs from Texas....

  3. Thanks, Kelley! We love your paintings. Your dunes scene from a New England beach looked great in our London home and even better in our Northern California home. I can't wait to add to our collection.

  4. congratulations kelley!
    your feature is so exciting! i am going over there now.

    you painting is amazing! i love how the glass jar just pops to life.

    it is not easy making something look transparent!

    you are amazing!

  5. Kelley, I love seeing the progression of your work. Please, post more of these. It is exciting to see your wonderful painting emerge from ground up! Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to more!

  6. Hey, congrats on the blog that's cool!


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