Friday, August 21, 2009

Red & Ready, Oil, 6x6

One of the last few red roses, this flower is much more beautiful than depicted here. I remember Qiang when he was 'struggling' with roses (THAT's how long I've been blogging!), and I see where he's gone with it. Maybe I'll get there, too. I felt like I should paint a flower... after all, it's Summer! Wish me luck on the Studio Tour tomorrow!

*+*+*+*+*+ If anyone is planning to come by, you can download the brochure Here , BUT there's a zillion artists spread out over a large area. To stop by my studio first (it's very convenient and right on the way to a ton of other really cool studios) just take rte 24 South INTO Rhode Island, Get off at Exit 2, Take a LEFT and I'm about a mile or so on the left, at #1888, right after the gas station (there's only one). I'll have lemonade & iced tea & munchies, too, so get refreshed! Pin It


  1. Good luck on the tour ... It sounds like so much fun, I wish we lived closer!

  2. Thanks Karen (and Sandy, too) for your well wishes - I wish we could all tour each OTHER's studio - how fun would THAT be???? xoxo

  3. Wishing you very good luck on your studio tour this weekend. And to anyone visiting the area...not only is the art and studios fun to look at, they have amazing home made ice cream! We had a great day at the last one!

  4. This rose is radiant. Like that brilliant red next to the dark background. Love you lusciously thick brushwork!

    Have fun on the tour!

  5. Really rich and luscious, wonderful. Good luck on your open studio. Jeanne Lachance

  6. Your studio tour was a great. I am glad we traveled to the other side of see you. Good weather and good seeing one of the stars - Paco. Your paintings are so vibrant and by that I mean full of life. Nothing like- seeing the paintings in person.

  7. hi kelley!
    oh i wish i lived closer! i so want to come to your open studios!
    i want to buy you daily paintings!
    is there anyway for me to shop too?

  8. *** You know, you guys, I'm thinking of publishing the paintings in both the $50 larger and the $35 Daily size this week. Out of town for an eye appt tomorrow.. but that would be cool! Thanks, and thanks for all your well wishes!

  9. nice work and Id love to come see your studio too!!! Would Paco be there? :) Love your dog too.


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