Thursday, August 20, 2009

Outsider, 6x6 Oil

Taking inspiration from my friend Mary Sheehan Winn, I decided to paint some of these yellow cherry & mini plum tomatoes. But for good measure I had to add one of the red ones from my garden. It looks like the red mini plums are the only kind we're going to get, outside of a couple of Roma's. The Big Boys succumbed to the blight (that sounds tragic, doesn't it? But really, they are tomatoes....)

I'm getting excited about this Open Studio Tour on Saturday and Sunday... I've decided to really clear out my studio, and have TONS of paintings for $50 and $75 as well as the 'old' Daily Paintings for $35. I'm going to display my newer work, but I know that this year anyway, the sales will be from the 'Bargain Boxes'. That's fine - I really need space in my studio, so... Bye Bye paintings! Let's hope the weather's good!
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  1. Very striking. Have a wonderful show and sale. Sounds fun!

  2. wow. I did an intake of breath when I saw these. You are so good at keeping the neutrals. The tomatoes glow!
    Thinking of you, dearest.

  3. Kelley!

    I love this painting!

    Very detailed for such a small piece. The lively brushstrokes keep it interesting.

    This reminds me very much of a Carol Marine painting. That's a good thing!!

    A very strong and cute still life! Cherry/grape tomatoes never looked better!



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