Saturday, June 27, 2009

Up To No Good, 11x17 Oil

A little blurry - I will try to replace it on the blog with a sharper photo. Today began with the SUN (we think... we haven't seen it in so long we're not sure...) and soon the western horizon started with a line of clouds, which are now forming the thunderheads that will douse us with rain this afternoon. I was thinking Colin Page again, trying to get the most out of his workshop. I used decisive brushstrokes and looked for nuances and color changes in every shape. Also his sparkle in the water, with a light touch, of many shades of white (yellow-white, rose-white, green-white, blue-white). As the winds pick up the sailboats are having a rough time of it, but this morning was beautiful.

And Paco slept against my ankle so I couldn't move away (or back) without him knowing it. Even though he was too hot and I had to keep wetting him. Pin It


  1. Such a beautiful painting, I can feel the wind in my hair.

  2. Really lovely, Kelley - there is so much beautiful nuance, at first I thought this could be a very large canvas! Give Paco a hug for me, he is so darn cute. When I paint, I have to step around all three of mine, like a game of Pug Twister. : )

  3. Beautiful job, Kelley - looks very peaceful.

  4. after seeing the original, I have to say the photo doesn't even capture the full effect... and maybe it should be a very large canvas!

  5. Kelley, beautiufl work. great sky!
    Glad to hear that you are getting some nice weather! It shows in your painting!

  6. Beautiful, Kelley ... so fresh and breezy! I LOVE the sparkling water!)

    I can really see the influence of the workshop ... brava!


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