Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From The Garden, 6x8, Oil

The strawberries are ripening (if they all don't mold out - seriously!), and if they survive Paco, they're delicious. He loves ripe strawberries more than almost anything! and this Peony was supposed to be all fluffy pink, but had a wrong label at the garden store - we like them anyway! I worried about the lavender, pink and reds together, but was in the mood for a challenge. My days have been filled with dog poop, and I was just thrilled to be able to paint a Daily Painting. I think my pup-ternity leave should be over next Monday - Planning on being back in the painting saddle.
It's my 32nd anniversary today (yay!) and I'm thrilled that after a nice dinner out tonight, Tim's taking the day off to just go driving with me tomorrow. It promises to be a sunny day, and after basically 4 weeks of gray, rainy weather - we're keeping our fingers crossed! So... probably no Daily Painting tomorrow! Thank you to everyone who is checking in to Paco's Blog, too! Pin It


  1. Happy Anniversary, Kelley....and what a nice springtime painting. Lifts us out of the grayness.

  2. Happy Anniversary! You look so young .... did you get married when you were 5?
    Love the painting!
    I remember when Otis was a puppy.... it was like having a baby!

  3. Love those berries, Kelley! My three fattypugs also enjoy the strawberries, Java most, we call him our fruit bat. Just finished reading all of Paco's new blog posts. He was such a good pug to buy his dad that awesome dad's day card. : )
    hugs from Texas!

  4. Lovely painting, mmmmm love the smell of strawberries. Have a lovely anniversary meal and enjoy your drive tomorrow...hope the sun shines :)

  5. Nice glow of light on the flower here and the berries, great contrast to the dark background. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy anniversary! I love the colors in the painting.

  7. Happy Anniversary!!!
    These berries look so beautiful next to the pink. Nice job!

  8. "days filled with dog poop..." Ha ahaahahha! Great one!
    That's an awesome peony.


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