Friday, June 5, 2009

Air and Water, Watercolor, 3x4 each

Yesterday was a negative in terms of physical health - the neck got worse because I thought it was getting better and started lugging things around.... But in the morning I just sat at my dining room table with my little watercolor sketch pad and tried to pry off the 7 year old encrusted caps to the paints! I just observed the changing light and color of the Sakonnet River, the play between water and sky back and forth - blue-ish, green-ish, yellow-ish and back. It all depended on the thickness of the cloud cover, and the angle of the sun. For the life of me I couldn't get my camera, in any mode, to focus on these subtle wash paintings. So, even though they are loose, they are not THIS fuzzy... if I get better ones today, I'll substitute. Thanks, for looking and all your well wishes! Pin It


  1. Kelley, I am sorry to hear about your neck. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!! In spite of having a "pain in the neck". your watercolors of air and sea are fantastic!! Really elegant. so simple and clean! I love them. I want to live where you live!!

  2. I really like these watercolors, well done.......they definitely convey a mood.
    I can appreciate having to be away from the easel, I've spent the month of May moving home to my wonderful native NH from Fla and I'm finally putting brush to canvas after 1 month yay!
    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  3. Hey Kelley,
    I'm also loving your watercolors!
    I'm sorry your neck still feels like crap! You probably need a hot stone massage....ok.... that might not help but it sound great!

  4. Kelley come to a Bikram yoga class with me! You will feel so much better after (just ask my mum).

    Also, I love the watercolors!!!

  5. Oh...dang...the neck thing...I'm not a big fan of pain and I hope yours is gone by now. Anyway, these are cool sketches and they are making me think of ACEO cards which are slightly bigger than a business card...I'm thinking that you live in just the right area to paint a whole bunch of them. I did some in the studio recently and they were definitely a whole different and very fun process!

  6. I LOVE these. Delicious minimalism.

  7. These are little gems!! Great job!


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