Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quiet Day

After giving my talk on "Blogging Your Art" (my first talk, BTW ... shake... sweat..) I took yesterday to just 'chill'. I stayed in my yard with my watercolor sketchbook and Paco and just painted what I could see. The floral paintings all came out too blurry in the photos - just too small, I guess - these are about 3x5 inches. Anyway, the group was very enthusiastic, and asked good questions, so it was fun!
Tea in the morning, tea in the afternoon....
My sweet little island (well, not MY island, but I can see it from the house, so I look at it hundreds of times a day!), so different looking in every light... Pin It


  1. these are awesome! I love them. Congrats on your talk!

  2. I love these little watercolor sketches that you do.

  3. I LOVED that island since I was a little girl....something magical about it, your lucky!!

    these watercolor sketches are delightful

  4. Congrats on your talk. I had to do the shake and sweat thing this week, too, but it's fun once you get past the panic. Love your little watercolors!

  5. All of these have a Zen-like peacefulness to them. Lovely!

  6. Would of loved to here your talk!
    These sketches are terrific!


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