Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pepper-minty!, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Oh, you know how I love to paint candies!  I have a lot of ideas which I'll be playing with in the 6x6 format, with color, design and brushwork.  This one - I have to say the background color in real life is a consistent light blue - seems the photo has a bit of a shadow at the top.
My favorite part - believe it or not, is the cellophane!  Nuts, huh?  I also like the hot pink (it's called Carmine Red) peeking out from the bottom layer.

And you know who loves these mints?  Paco.  Yes, I found him digging them out of the bottom of a paint bin, where apparently the bag of candies had spilled.  I saw him trying to suck on one through the wrapper!  Then I found A FEW in the cushion of chair - and in pile of fresh laundry, that he had jumped up on (and tried to 'bury' the candy in).

So... sweets for the sweet.  Hey, that could be the name of the next one! :)
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  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Comme je suis très "sucrée" ! je dirais que je suis passionnée par les bonbons, leurs formes, leurs goûts, leurs couleurs ainsi que ces petits papiers qui les enveloppent et qui les rendent très sensuels !
    Ta dernière peinture avec ces bonbons à la menthe est juste "adorable" et j'aime les couleurs presque acidulées... Joli travail avec le papier cellophane.
    Je comprends la gourmandise de Paco !

    Gros bisous ☼

  2. Why is it that suddenly, since going on a pre-Xmas detox, that everyone is posting paintings of yummy food on their blogs?? Chuh! It wouldn't be nearly so bad if they didn't look so mouth-wateringly good! Great painting Kelley. Now I'm off to gaze longingly in the fridge!

  3. this is really an effective painting!

  4. Really love this one, wanna lick it. Is that wrong? :)

  5. reminds me of a 'minty' that I own :D
    One of your best.


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