Monday, October 27, 2014

Full Nest, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald


Sometimes in our lives things are very full... like with little ones, and business and dreams and hopes.  That's what a full nest feels like.  Everything changes, so we learn to hold on to this sweetness and the moments as they come.

Today in class we did the 'counted strokes'  lesson.  We painted our image, counting each stroke - no limit.  My first one was 230 strokes.  The next one we did we cut that number in half - I only could cut it, this time, to 120 strokes.  The third is the most difficult - cut the number in half again.  Doing this makes you think VERY carefully about the stroke you're putting down.  It makes you deliberate.  Keeps you from 'house painting' where you 'pet' the canvas or board, almost mindlessly, until you think of what color comes next.  Here, we are practicing 'thoughtful' strokes.

At the end we paint the image again, with no counting, just the lesson of thoughtful paint application in mind.  This, above, was my last effort.  Here is the set of 4 below, from my demo (the painting above is on a regular square of gessobord, and I just taped it to my big canvas in space #4.
The colors were a little yellow in this photo...
And the little dabs were my way of counting each stroke - no, they do not match up - the first one took more room for the dots than I needed, so I continued down on #4's space (which I didn't need because we didn't count on that one!).

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  1. This is one beautiful painting. I love all the colors in the nest. Great work!


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