Saturday, November 1, 2014

Got Our PINK Going On, 6x6 Inch Oil painting by Kelley MacDonald

 The upcoming Little Picture Show at the Providence Art Club will feature 2 of my Peppermint Paintings, and 4 donut paintings.  This is one of them, but if you NEED it, just email me at asap, and I will paint them another one!  What IS it about painting candies that I love?
Part of it .... yes, the cellophane.  Then the is the endless compositions.  And the white with highlights.  And... candies are fun.  My Dad always had a couple of these in every pocket.  I've copied that from him.  So if we are ever together and you get a tickle in your throat, be glad we're together!
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  1. Kelley, I love these peppermint paintings. They are luscious, and I can hear the crinkling cellophane. I love them (unless someone's sitting behind me with a bag in the movie theater).

  2. Kelley, love these candies! The colors are stunning!


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