Saturday, February 1, 2014

This Little Piggy…, 6x6 InchOil Painting by Kelley MacDonald


Last Fall I went to a Harvest celebration at a local farm with a dear friend who has a Farm Share there.  Not a big, industrial farm, but a very intimate farm (with an ocean view, I might add) , where the animals are handled with care and the vegetables grown without chemicals.  Two huge black sows had just had babies - and were they CUTE!  This white & gray one reminded me a bit of my pug, Paco.  When they were nursing, he was sure there was a 'better' spot constantly, and kept jumping up out of his spot and running right over all the other piggies, back and forth, from mother to mother…. to get the most interesting food.  I'm sure he'll grow up to be the plumpest.  He certainly was the funniest!

One winning aspect of this farm is that they are compassionate and give the animals a good life before they have to 'take' them.  I'm conflicted about eating meat generally, but if they animals have a good life, I feel much easier about it. (TMI, I know.  Sorry)

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  1. Oh what a cute painting and funny story about the spotted pig! I too am conflicted about eating meat. I've eaten meat my whole life and yet with every ounce of my being I have to fight the conflict within over those poor animals.


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