Thursday, February 13, 2014

Party Girl!, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Finished this late in the day, and could not get a good light to photograph it.  So this image will be updated by noon on *Valentine's Day* :)
Freshly back from a WONDERFUL time at the Westminster Dog Show, I'm beyond high on dogs.  But having posted a couple of dog paintings, I wanted to start up with something different.

I had asked for photos of some of your amazing pets.. and THANK you!  I have a wonderful assortment to choose from, and am always looking for more.  Please just email them to me at!

This girl is a Princess.  I can just tell.  I felt like her coat was very festive!  A glorious, luxurious Calico… she has, as well, an all - knowing look.  She's got your number!

When my oldest son was very young (a week after turning 2) our cat had kittens, 2 orange and 1 calico.  We told him he could keep his favorite.  He chose the calico.  For some reason he decided to call my Mom 'Calico' at this time (no, she had highlighted hair, but it was not tricolor).  All I can say is the name stuck, and for the rest of her life all the family kids called her Calico.  It's even on her headstone.  Truth is stranger than fiction, I think.

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  1. What a cute nickname for your mom! This is one pretty calico kitty too.

  2. AMAZING painting Kelley!! Beautifully done! and i just love the Calico story. so sweet!


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