Friday, February 14, 2014

Is That A Wookie?, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

What a mischievous, inviting face!  I've got some real charmers to work on!  Please continue to send me inspirations… although I won't ONLY do pets, I find them fun and refreshing. I think I saw some pups like this at Westminster Dog Show last week.  A real little imp, I think.  What was so great about the show (and as I get my photographs, 80% of which were blurry - time for a camera evaluation) is when the owners were also the handlers.  LOVED seeing the dogs get a little kiss or hug as they waited for their turn.  Those dogs were so much more relaxed, and CONFIDENT.  

I know not everyone can show their dog.  And I also know that AKC dogs are definitely not the only dogs that are amazing. (Hello…Paco????)  But it certainly was fun to see the competition and to see if I could pick the winners.  Breed by breed, I do OK.  But the evening competition where the best of the breeds competed?  Bet against ME!

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  1. I do so enjoy dog shows myself. My mom always said they were cruel. Years ago I showed a Weim that I had and I had fun. I think the dogs have fun too! I love them. This guy is a cutie indeed.


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