Saturday, February 8, 2014

I *Heart* You! 10x10 Inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

This special valentine comes wired and ready to hang. It's 10x10 inches and just $200... Email me if you would like it by Valentine's Day!

I have some VERY exciting news! I'm lucky enough to be attending the Dog Show in NYC next week! If you're interested in a painting of a particular breed, let me know via email before Sunday, and I will be sure to get some good shots to paint from!

For now... Just so you know... I do *heart* you .... And SO appreciate your comments, notes and emails!

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  1. I heart you too! Have a great time xoxo

  2. Kelley, here's huge Valentine's good wishes to,you, for all of your endless inspiration, beautiful paintings, and uplifting messages! You are one of the best , of the best, and a beautiful person, on top of it all, with a heart of gold!

  3. Gorgeous gooey red paint! Love it. Enjoy the show and take lots of mixed breed pictures! They are the stars this year!

  4. You know I want to see the corgi dogs I saw your painting of your mints yesterday at North River and they look stunning on that center of the back wall you should be proud girl!!!!!

  5. Oh this is beautiful and oh so shiny!! I love shiny. LOL I also love going to dog shows. I'm rather inundated with dogs right now so currently the luster is a bit thin but I know you will have a great time! Check out a few of my favorite breeds while you are there: Spinone Italiano (Hunting Group), the Clumber Spaniel (Hunting Group), the English Bulldog...the Viszlas (Hunting Group)...Boxers...Oh forget it. I just love dogs and their personalities.

  6. I see lips wanting to kiss or talk in your painting. Love it!!!


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