Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Torture By Counted Strokes

Today's lesson was one I call "Counted Strokes" (Inspired by Peggi Kroll Roberts).  My wonderful class at the Providence Art Club is very game and will endure almost anything!  We divided our panels into 4 parts.  Starting at the top left, we painted a small still life of our choosing, trying to be economical about our brushstrokes, but simply counting as we went... seeing how few we could use.  I wrote the number I used on the top right of the painting - 65 for that bare-bones painting.  
Top right square - we attempted to limit our strokes - to 25 strokes!  (You'd think, knowing this, I would have chosen an apple, or pear or something, but noooooOOOoooo... I have to do a Dunkin Donuts coffee and a jelly donut.  Oh well).  
Then, taking the lesson of 'thoughtful' brushstrokes to heart, with absolutely no 'house painting', we painted the subject again in the lower left.  Using as many strokes as we needed, but just being sure, pausing between strokes.
I was pleasantly surprised at the intensity the artists in the class showed, and the capability to do a great job with minimal freedom.  Thinking between strokes, and getting a big brush all filled up with juicy paint, in a well planned stroke really makes for an interesting painting.  
As always, it was a fun day!
(the dots and strokes on the right lower section are the 'counted' strokes - every time I put down a stroke on the top 2 paintings I 'marked it')
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  1. Kelley, you sound like a great instructor, plus I bet your class is wonderful fun, because of you, always a plus!

  2. What a fun exercise. I, too, am a big fan of Peggy Kroll Roberts. I'm sure you are as great a teacher as she is.

  3. Well done, Kelley! I just wanna donut now though.


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