Sunday, October 13, 2013

Once Upon An Island, 5x7 inch acrylic painting by Kelley MacDonald

This weekend, I was lucky enough to spend time on a little island called Cuttyhunk. I was with artist Susan Medyn, and we painted up a storm! This view was the first thing I painted. It is looking up a hill from the gloriously clean, fine-sandy beach. The wind made it a bit raw, but we tucked back into some boulders and were protected. I was immediately attracted to the lone house on the bluff, the wind-shaped trees and the bruise-color of the sky, as a storm passed by.

Everything about this painting made me happy.. I was just in a zone. The tiny town of Gosnold on the island is charming and completely walkable. With incredible vistas from every step.

This painting is $100 plus $10 for shipping, and if you'd like it as a place to 'get away' in your mind, just email me at

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  1. How lovely, Kelley! This piece didn't last long, did it? Congratulations on the quick sale too. I found myself wishing I lived in that house. This type of setting has always been my dream. Yes, I could so get lost in the scenery in Murder She Wrote too. My type of place.

  2. Lovely- I've never been but its on my list of places to go! Congrats on the sale. Someone is very lucky!

  3. What fun being on Cutty Hunk..and SOLD..Yowser

  4. Kelley, beautiful! I ready to go there, now!

  5. Love this little painting! Congrats on the SALE! I have fond memories of painting over there with my painting professor from college back in the early 70's.....magical place.


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