Tuesday, October 15, 2013

15 Minute Painting

Today's class at the Art Club was a lesson on getting it GOING~!  For a lot of artists, doing a small paining, soup-to-nuts, in an hours is UGH.... impossible.  Well, this painting was done in 15 minutes.  (I am getting a supreme kick out of the fact that I simply FORGOT to put the string on the tea tag!)  Every single person in the class did a great job on a 15 minute painting.  Below you'll see the first painting of the afternoon - done in just over an hour.  To the right, the same subject, done in 40 minutes.

Truly, when I was doing the first one, the hour-long study, I was silently thinking to myself "WHAT were you thinking with this drippy/lopsidedly glazed mug, a teabag package, and a tag????  But you know... when you are under the gun, so to speak.....  And here I want to say all the students were very accomplished! 

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  1. Great lesson and paintings even with no strings attached.!

  2. Well I like it and especially that eggplant colored mug!

  3. Great exercise. Can't believe you painted that one in 15 minutes!

  4. Thanks Kelley for posting this, Im gonna have to try timing myself. Lovely painting :)

  5. Kelley, great post. Wonderful reminder of the basics, that we all need to keep in mind!

  6. Love this Kelley,especially the front of the cup with that luscious green stroke!


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