Thursday, October 17, 2013

Let's Call It A Night, 6x8 inch Acrylic Painting by KelleyMacDonald

The background is a little darker, but at 6 p.m. it is tough to get the right light to photograph a paining!  

Well, the Cosmo's drained, and it looks like Mr. Wine has had his couple of glasses and the bottle is empty.  A lovely evening, I'm sure.  A delicious dinner.  Perhaps a sunset.  Reminiscing.  Inside jokes.  Good laughs.  The glow of feeling connected.  Love.

This year for the Providence Art Club's Little Picture Show in December I'm doing 3 "6 a.m." paintings (donuts & coffee) and 3 "6 p.m." (cocktails).  This is a p.m. for them.

SUNDAY!!! If you are around the South Shore or Boston, stop in at the Hingham Arts Walk!  I'll be at the North Street Studio!  

And if you are in RI, Westport, etc. Please stop in and see the AMAZING art show at Kitty Lovell's studio in Tiverton 4 Corners, "Birds Of A Feather"- Opening 3-5!.
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  1. What a wonderful painting and love the idea of the 3 and 3! Love that spot of blue on the martini glass especially!

  2. Well this evokes the end of a wonderful evening. Wish I could stop up in Hingham Sunday.

  3. This painting just glows. What a neat idea for your paintings 6am and 6pm, clever Kelley!

  4. This painting just glows Kelley, love the 6am and 6pm idea, very clever.

  5. Love the playfulness of the cork in the wine glass, Kelley.


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