Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mad Me 6x6 inches. acrylic

This morning was one of those days - everything that could go wrong.. did.   It was supposed to be warm and clear - it was neither, so no plein air for me this morning.  But I took Paco over to the beach, where he tries to ingratiate himself with the fishermen, because he is SURE they have cookies.  Bait.  They have bait.  Paco thinks the little containers have dog cookies.  OK, then the wind picked up, but I was determined to paint on the porch.  I have a couple of little commissions to work on (overdue, of course).  But first a dog walked down the street with it's people.  Paco turned into Cujo,  twirling and barking and strangulating his leg (he was screaming so loud and twirling so fast I couldn't even tell WHICH leg - and getting more and more tied up)... OK, phew, fixed, on to painting.  

Did I mention the wind?  Please, PLEASE don't email me telling me how much you love wind.  I used to love wind, too.  But we call this wind eyeball peeling wind.  I thought I had anchored myself, my easel, my paints, my water, but things kept blowing back past me (did you know brushes can be like arrows?)

This painting is me, leaning over to see the mirror propped to the side of my canvas.  Yup.  I'm furious. Wind, Dog, Escaped cat, flying brushes, hair whipping into my eyes, over my eyes, into my mouth (and not wanting to disturb my husband on his conference call inside.... no barette or elastic).  My Art Club Class is going to try self portraits as Daily Paintings so I am, too.  Lots of fury in these strokes.  Much calmer now.  Good thing I got Depak Chopra's meditation guide, huh?
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  1. OMG this made me laugh out loud!! I absolutely hate the wind so I feel for you. I love the painting, so much energy.. and love the story:))

  2. I'm not laughing at you, but...ok...maybe I am! LOL I will say if I leaned over to look in a mirror, all my old face sags would fall to the front and look even worse than I really do! So? Kudos to you! You look awesome, despite the bit of annoyance you captured. Well done!!!

  3. You do look angry and sad at the same time. Hope things improve. Thanks for the lovely tribute you wrote of me. You are a great friend.

  4. I love your self portrait! And laughed and laughed at your post! Today will be a better day for you, I'm sure ..... hahahahaha!

  5. Passionate painting certainly works for you! This is fabulous. Love the likeness and the angle and the colors!!! Maybe you went thru all that craziness to find out the power of passion. Have a smooth, productive, inspiring and peaceful day today. xoxo

  6. Kelley, in spite of it all, your painting is fantastic! Beautiful work. Thanks for the reminder that we all have those kind of days,. The good news is, today is a brand new day!!

  7. Hi Kelley
    Wish I had met you when visiting a couple of weeks ago! You were on a trip and the class at Prov Art Club sent you a pdf with all the paintings done that Friday. Mine was the horrendous red underpainting even though I asked it not be included. I was the guest of Denise for the day and it was a wonderful class. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I haven't painted in a LONG time and I felt like I had never left when I was painting in your class. Heard all about you --- your class adores you. Don't tell them I said that. I love color too! If I still lived in the north, I would be one of your students! Your paintings are so refreshing and luscious. Like the jelly donut.
    Hope to get there again - as long as it's warm! I'm a southern girl now and love love warm/hot weather.
    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your class! Dolores


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