Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Greening Up, 6x6 Inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

$100 & $10 S&H

This was the painting I WANTED to do for my Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge for Sunlight.  But being me, I 'lost' the photo before I could paint it.  And as it usually happens, as soon as the Challenge was done... you guessed it, I found it.  This is a big old tree in our neighborhood.  I've love the shadows on grass as well as snow.  I started this as a demo for my Providence Art Club class as an example of 'negative space'.  Took it home and completely reworked it, so I'm happy now.

During my class Monday I started getting tons of messages, and phone calls - unusual, since everyone I know KNOWS I teach Monday afternoon.  It wasn't till I spotted the message that flashed on the screen  that said "I'm OK Mom, don't worry..." that I decided to look at the other messages, and realized something was very wrong in Boston.

Took a long time to be certain my kids and friends were safe, as cell phones were not working from Boston due to the bombing.  Texting, however, still worked, and I literally spent over an hour texting everyone checking to be sure... 
My daughter was supposed to be running the Marathon this year... for a couple of reasons she decided not to... but that was right around the time she usually crosses the finish line, and we've been IN that crowd, waiting, and were 'supposed' to be there this year....  angels watching over us, I guess.
Evil is resilient .... but goodness is even more so.  The messages from friends and strangers across the country in support of Boston was... incredibly moving.  From a day filled with heartbreak, I am coming away with hope, and strength, and confidence that goodness will prevail, that we are One.
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  1. Un arbre splendide qui méritait bien de se mirer dans la pelouse... Un merveilleux travail de lumières et des ombres...

    Une pensée particulière pour l'ensemble des familles qui souffrent en ce moment...

    Gros bisous

  2. Kelley, this is a beautiful piece and I love how you've captured one of the nuances of spring that I love: fresh new grass. So glad your family and you are ok. I don't know what is wrong with people any more. I really don't.

  3. Beautiful message and beautiful painting. Glad all is well with your friends and family in Boston.

  4. Love this tree with the shadows.
    I am also glad that you are all okay. Unspeakable tragedy, but goodness will prevail.

  5. Beautiful words to accompany a beautiful painting. We are One! I hope someday we all get that. I'm so relieved you and yours are safe.

  6. Lovely painting...very striking, but I especially like your comment, "Evil is resilient .... but goodness is even more so." Well said. I am going to use your quote today (I will give credit!)

  7. Nice sunlight painting Kelley. We are all one and I am with you..goodness prevails.Peace and love

  8. Love this painting and this post! The negative space and brilliant light is captivating indeed. And SO grateful your daughter decided not to run. Important to listen to those helpful voices and go with the flow, especially when we are thinking of pushing our way through to get what we want. Goodness and love prevails, always. Keep living from your heart and all will be well. Much love, Deb XOXO

  9. I immediately thought of you and your family when I heard the sad news. I don't know why people just can't get along.


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