Sunday, April 14, 2013

Exuberance, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting of Forsythia, by Kelley MacDonald

 This week in my Saturday class we discussed composing a painting with Negative Space in mind.  That's the space BETWEEN the branches, the shapes being determined by their relative distance from other shapes.  I think Forsythia is an excellent example, although chairs, trees, and such do a great job as well. Well, too, the blue jar was as fun as the flowers to paint!

I hope you enjoy these lively flowers!
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  1. Great complementary scheme, Kelley. Do you know what kind of flowers these are? I ask because we have a big bush on one side of the house that grows flowers like these in the spring. I wonder if they are the same type?

  2. Exuberance is an excellent know for this gem of a painting. So vibrant and luscious. Congrats! xoxo

  3. So beautiful Kelley! The flowers pop out of the blue background.


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