Friday, August 10, 2012

Tax Free Weekend In MA

This is a painting of a boathouse inspired by Boathouse Row, in Westport, MA.  I changed up the color of the door to yellow, because it just seemed like a fun color to set off the violets and greens and blues that surround it!  This painting is at the Art Stable Gallery, and is 18x18 inches, framed in dark wood.  This weekend is tax free in MA, so the paintings in the gallery (which is in MA) all will be flying out the door, I imagine!

I apologize about the non-functioning link on my last post.  It is fixed, and apparently I misunderstood Kate's workshop is $250!  So.... the record is straight now!  Still totally worth it IMHO.

You know, I want to thank all of you who subscribe to my blog, listen to my meandering mind and share my art journey.  The comments that you make really make my day, every day.  Never ever think they have no impact!  Thank you.  THANK YOU!  And... now...if you're in Pembroke, MA this evening, I'll be there, too, to accept an Honorable Mention for my Birds On A Fence!
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  1. I just love this Kelley! The warm yellow doors are so inviting complimented by the cool environment.

  2. Oh I do like this! I could see myself actually living in this little space. Wouldn't it make a perfect studio too?

  3. I love the simplicity of this Kelley and the yellowdoor!

  4. Love this and especially the yellow door. Wish we could be in Atlanta tonight at our friend's opening.


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