Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Broken, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting of a Jelly Donut by Kelley Macdonald

$100 & $10 S&H
 This was one fun painting to do.  I broke it open, and, yup, gobbled up a piece I tore off.  I'm hoping that Wednesday is a better day.  Tuesday started with my loving orange kitty FLINGING a small dead bird onto me as I slept.  Then he pounced on it and practiced killing it again.  OMG.

But the day certainly picked up when I met a new friend for coffee in Providence.  Kate Hanley is a guru, yoga master, wise-beyond-her-years gal who is relatively new to Providence, via NYC.  She is bubbling over with ideas to help people (I know, right?) find balance, peace and health in their lives.  She has two pre-schoolers and is planning on giving retreats for people (I think: women) to show them how to center themselves and give themselves a refreshing pause when they need it.  She is very cool.  You will love her.  Check out her site HERE

The first session is a full day on Friday, September 28 - a day long retreat.  It's at the unbelievable price of $100 - I believe this is an introductory price.  Rehoboth MA, right off 195.  As soon as there's a paypal button, I'm on it.  I'll let you know.http://www.msmindbody.com/
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  1. I think your donuts always look better than the real thing. That MUST be why I crave them so when ordinarily I don't touch jelly donuts! How good would that taste with my morning coffee?

  2. I think "Broken" doughnut is just about the most charming doughnut ever. And I have to smile that in the same post with something broken you have a friend who can fix it with balance, peace and health...I know, just woke up but I loved that this all came full circle (pun intended) in my mind at least at 5 am...

  3. Kelley, you are the doughnut master! Love this painting!

  4. I am still laughing about orange kitty. Good morning!
    I love this broken doughnut. It makes for great interest! Love the dark background too!

  5. When I see your donut paintings, I think of the word "drool". They are just awesome! Great job.

  6. Kelley, I love the broken donut almost as much as I love you. Seriously, donuts in real life don't call to me, but this one, I want to stick my face in. :)
    Thanks for promoting my impending retreat! It's gonna be so much fun. I'm working on the web page for it now and seriously, I'm so excited for it I can hardly sleep. The only thing is, it costs $250, not $100. Whoops! BUT, I will be happy to offer your readers a fat discount. I'll send details as soon as I have 'em.


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