Sunday, August 5, 2012

Boston Cream Donut! 6x6 Inch Original Oil Painting

$100 & $10 S&H

Nom nom!  My husband's favorite kind of donut.  He rarely eats them, but he could SMELL the donut under the lights as I was painting it.  When I was done he walked up to the easel and said "NOW I want one of those!"  Too bad, as the one I had bought died under the hot lights~  

Funny little story - I had gone to Dunkin's to get JELLY donuts to paint for the upcoming Open Studio.  The manager greeted me, and when I told him I wanted jellies to paint he got all excited - But you HAVE to see the chocolate frosteds and Boston Creams today - they did an EXCELLENT job with the frosting! (so, OK, I agreed, and bought this one!).  But it's weird because I have really 'leaned on him' about the skimpy frosting on their donuts at this shop!  I told him "Anyone who wants to buy a frosted donut LIKES frosting - not the illusion of frosting!"  And I have not purchased (or painted) a frosted donut from his shop in months and months!  So  - here we are.. drool away!

Excited as tonight is our Girls Just Wanna Paint meeting - it's at Nancy Colella's house and it's usually a PERFECT evening at the beach!  Check out our paintings for "HEAT" HERE!
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  1. My absolute favorite donut and your painting makes my mouth water!!!! Yum!

  2. Love your donut manager story. I love this for its "in your face" composition. I forgot to post that I just love your stacked jellies. It's a beauty!

    1. Thank you Sheila, for both comments:) yeah, the manager took me by surprise, too!

  3. Poor husband! I don't blame him for wanting to eat this yummy kind of donut. I'll have to just enjoy the painting instead.

  4. A work of art! How do you get that texture in the yeasty part of the doughnut!? Then you master the cream and the frosting too!! One of your best doughnuts!! Love the story to go with it!

  5. Your Doug Nut seems so real and water is coming from anyone mouth by looking at this kind of delicious. Thats called real art of Sweetness....


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