Thursday, August 16, 2012

Message In The Clouds, 30x40 Inch Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

30x40 inch oil painting. (LOOK how tiny my initials on the right look!)

One of my favorite scenes, which I personally witnessed and can produce the photo - I have painted this before but never this big.  The paint is thick especially in the cloud area, and when I look at the water it brings me right back to the beach I was walking that day.
It was a difficult time.  I didn't know how I could manage more... more... more.. you've been there?  Well, in a prayer, I asked for a sign... a sign to help me gather strength, a sign of love and support... and I looked up, and no kidding....  It looked impossible.  All of a sudden the beach was empty (it was September, but there had been other walkers besides me) and I stood, slack-jawed... and thought... "Yup, I can do it..."  and I did, and came through it.

This will be at my Open Studio - along with fun little paintings which are inspired by the foam edges of the gentle laps of the water nearby.  They are coated with resin, which makes a rock-hard-glassy barrier.. and makes the colors just sing!

If you follow my blog, and come to my Open Studio - TELL ME or the person at the 'desk', and I will enter you in a raffle for a FREE resin-foam/bubbles painting! (you'll just have to put your address on your entry so I can ship it - also free - to the winner, hopefully YOU.)
Example of Foam/Bubble painting before the resin coating:

Last year I had Blog friends from every state in New England, and more - it was such a great thing!
Good LUCK!
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  1. So wonderful when God gives us answers like this one. It is beautiful and I love the story behind the painting. Wishing you fun and success at your open house, Kelley. Wish I could attend myself.

  2. This must be beautiful in person!! Love everything about it. So wish I could be at the Open Studio in person...I hope you have an amazing turn out and friends and fans come from all over! Very special! And the chance to see your beautiful art- priceless:)

  3. Amazing story and amazing painting. Sometime we just need that sign to press on. Glad you got it.

  4. Love this story and love this painting. Your Open Studio is going to be awesome! Can't wait to see pix!

  5. Just love this painting! What a an inspiring post, so happy to hear that all is well, after a challenging time! Have a great time with open studios!

  6. great post Kelley. Well written and your paintings are very strong.
    Don't know if I can come but I want to.

  7. Wow! Amazing - this is such a beautiful painting in so many ways. I love the size, story, and beautiful clouds! Good luck with your Open Studio!


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