Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Blues, 6x12 Inches, Oil Painting of Tress In Snow

$125 & $10 S&H

I've painted this place in the snow before, but I like the format of this canvas.   It is painted around the sides on a 1 1/2 inch gallery wrap canvas, so it needs no frame.  I love all the colors you can see in white snow if you really, really look.  Our first 'snow day' here in lower RI - and it's already melting away - no complaints here!

And we had a bit of drama here last night - Isabelle (above) pushed a heavy candy dish off the mantle (because she couldn't find the kind of chocolate she liked) and when it landed a small chip broke off.  I searched and searched for that chip, knowing that someone who will remain nameless could find and eat it.  I never got it.  THEN when I was serving dinner, I walked past Paco  and heard a distinct "Crunch"...
But when I stopped and looked at him he gave me the 'innocent' - look "Nope, not me, you did NOT hear that sound from me..." look.  So I continued on bringing plates to the table and then "Crunch, CRACK, Crunch..." from the direction of Paco's mouth.  I literally THREW the food on the table and quickly pried open his puggy little mouth and scooped out THREE crunched pieces of glass.  I was so crazed - what if he had crunched earlier and I didn't get the pieces?  My family thought that it would have to be a miniscule piece (they saw my search of his mouth), and maybe a lot of FOOD would wash it down and through harmlessly.  Paco concurred, and a big stuffed shell & meatball got cut up and served to him.
This a.m I'm happy to report that all's well.  We seem to have gotten all before they did any damage.
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  1. Looks like the first snow..the cool colors lend themselves very well to this piece.

    I am so glad Paco is OK...sneaky little devil that he is!!!

    Never a dull moment in your studio!

  2. Love this painting, love the format and the color. I also love that pics and paintings of snow are the only forms I will experience this year. So glad you got the glass from Paco. Those crazy dogs!! Be glad you don't have little kids around, oh my goodness, the kinds of troubles he would get into around here. Fortunately, Moose doesn't pick up toys or anything. However, my Mom's dog did munch on several legos, cars and was partial to eating Buzz Lightyear's this visit.

  3. Hi Kelley
    I like this a lot!
    The composition, the palette, the format-such a wonderful painting.

  4. Kelley, I keep coming back to this painting.
    I have composed a haiku for it(you):

    "Cool blue shadows cast
    On snow-bound land to show us
    The orbiting earth."


  5. Love the long gorgeous shadows that the trees cast. Wonderful cool blues! Snow? I will have to go find some and really look:) I love all the colors in whites.
    Oh Paco...and glad all is well in the MacDonald Clan:)

  6. Ooh, I so love this big and bold winter scene! Gorgeous colors too! So glad to know Paco is ok (though I confess he seems to be looking at mom - in the photo - as if she is nuts). Dodged a bullet for sure! to your promise to get me painting if we lived near each can be sure I'd take you up on that post haste! I need a fire lit under me! LOL

  7. very dynamic painting, love your tales of paco!

  8. beautiful Kelley!
    I love the face on that dog too... so sweet and innocent...right!

  9. The first snow, how we love it. Love the peacefulness of this piece. You can almost see the silence. Great shadows. Glad Paco is doing well, talk about a scare.

  10. Love the winter scene and love the funny story..cutest animals

  11. Love the cold winter beauty of this piece and glad to hear Paco is fine!

  12. the shadows are fantastic--glad Paco survived his glass chewing act--must share a pug story--I was standing at the corner with Atticus this morning at six thirty and met the Lord Bishop of London who married William and Kate--he was here for our church's Tricentennial celebration today and was on his way to the church for the early service--heard him preach at the later service and he was awesome--pugs enhance our lives in so many ways!!!


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