Sunday, January 22, 2012

Donut War! Pink Donut x2, 6x6 Inches, Oil Painting of Strawberry Donut

$125 & $10 S&H

It's Donut War Day!! Here's the fun thing about this painting... the donuts are on a cloth that has random green 'donuts'!  Susan Roden is my California adversary... I have no doubt she's prepared something sweet & gooey to fling back at me!  See it HERE.

Painting Workshop
at my studio in Warren
February 23 & 24
See Top Right Side of my Blog for more info!
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  1. Pink for a war! Susan will never see that coming! Wonderfully delicious looking!

  2. All I can say is, "MMMMMmmmmmmmmm, yum!"

  3. Blogspot is giving me fits with commenting lately! But these just look so delicious! And I don't even care for these kinds of donuts (I prefer the cake style).

  4. The colors are fantastic. Love it!!!

  5. Love the doughnuts ON doughnuts- very strategic move on the war with Susan! And- folks need to jump on that workshop opportunity. I know first hand what a wonderful teacher you are! Lucky students!!

  6. Dots, dots, dots! I think you'll see red dots, not green Kelley. And what a yummy treat!

    Oh . . . wait till next week - I have a surprise coming your way!!


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