Sunday, January 8, 2012

Donut War! Donut Seeds, 5x7 Inches, Oil

$125 & $10 S&H

It's a funny thing, this Donut War... things happen that you'd never, ever expect.  Like a collector showing up at my Open Studio with POUNDS of Dunkin Donuts (yum) coffee.  Or a Donut Diversity T shirt!  And this past Christmas, I received from my 'Arch Enemy' in the Donut Wars, Susan Roden, a suspicious package!  I had the bomb squad on standby.  We shook the package, smelled it (while Paco barked and ran around in little circles), shook it.  Finally we got up the courage and opened it only to find.... DONUT SEEDS!  Where Susan found them I'll never know, but it put a BIG GRIN on my face.  She is a doll, isn't she?  I'm only going to shoot her this delish "Today Show" (not kidding) donut for today's attack.  It is the colors of the Today Show (who even knew they had 'colors').  Well I'm on a different computer, and the 'jimmies' are red, orange and yellow, and when I tried to get the red to show up, the background turned gray in editing, so... trust me: red, orange and yellow on white frosting.

And, FYI, I have the Fire Department (also the Police Department) directly across the street, so in theory, they're always 'standing by' for me :)
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  1. couldn't sleep and now I am laughing so hard I know I won't sleep! Love the donut seeds. You and Susan are crazy! Now I'm hungry...

  2. Wonderful post! Love the doughnut- and those seeds- ah-dorable:) Gorgeous painting. Susan is also a fabulous artist and this attack will have her on the lookout. Always good to have all those departments nearby too!

  3. You are so funny! Funny and serious- about painting.
    Love this oen Kell!

  4. Donut seeds!!!! Susan is sooo funny and so are you!! Love your donut tribute to the Today Show! Those seeds grew a very festive donut!!

  5. Okay, i'd love to grow donuts ; ) lol
    Great painting!

  6. Your humor makes my day. Also love the painting.

  7. Eeeeeee-gads!
    Now you're bringing the Today Show into our war!

    I'm going to have to pull out the BIG guns girl. And here I felt a smidgen of compassion for my foe and actually sent you seeds to stock pile your ammunition. (the bomb squad was a nice, precautionary touch :)

    So thankful I sent you a small packet, as I wipe the sprinkles off my face.

  8. Ohh Kelley and Susan love your donut wars. i have a box of Cheerios and keep hoping they will turn into a box of luscious donuts...I'm still waiting. Love your humor and your painting.


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