Thursday, October 28, 2010

End Of A Very Good Day, Oil, 12x6 Original Oil by Kelley MacDonald


This one WILL be about $200 (framed) when it goes on sale at the Art Club's Holiday Sale.  It's my first year participating, and I'm very excited!  I did this one today after class - we did more value studies - I did one good one, one awful one.  I can never do those enough, it's like I learn a lesson with each one!  This wine was a delicious French red, a Chateau Larose Trintadon, a Medoc.  Take my word for it, there SHOULD have been none left!
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  1. Multi-purpose are my kind of gal! Lovely painting too. Good luck with the show.

  2. Kelley, Beautiful! My favorite part is the way you handled to cloth under the glass. Perfection!

  3. The wine glass looks just ready to grab...well done Kelley!

  4. Been meaning to ask you what you take for vitamins, and where you get so much energy. Now I know!

  5. Thanks you guys, - you are so funny Margie!


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