Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Citrus Cupcake, 6x6 Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Susan Roden has been flinging frosting at me during this Frosting Fight!  All the way from California I took hits this weekend~!  This delicious cupcake was only ONE of a dizzying array of flavors (I can vouch for the Strawberry!) of beautiful cupcakes at the new CupCakery in Westport, MA.  The only fault I see is they somehow (?) have neglected to make coconut cupcakes.  Anyway I've been busy getting ready for my Open Studio next weekend, getting set for my Painting Class this coming Thursday in my studio - AND I've had a wonderful visit from friend and fellow blogger Amy Hillenbrand!  My husband and I took Amy and her husband Bob on a "3 hour tour" (a la Gilligan) of Rhode Island.  We me in Carol Marine's class in Santa Fe, and she invited me to stay with her when our Workshop Women (from that class) had a reunion in Austin this past January.  It is amazing that blogging brings friendships that are so dear and wonderful - what a thrill to be a part of all this!  As a younger woman - heck, 5 years ago I never could have imagined I'd be 'friends' with women I've never seen in person!  Long story - sorry.

Below, I will show you cupcake #2 - also was wiped out to make way for the more successful one, above.  It had no...ooomph.  Boring composition.  Yes, it was a recognizable cupcake - but, as they say on the South Shore of Boston - it did not survive the 'so what?' question.  So I changed the composition, and background color, and I think it's better.  You?

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  1. The cupcakes are back.....Nice swirly frosting. You NEED to get to Cravings.
    They can't keep the coconut ones in the store.


  2. How great that you saw Amy. I'll soon be in San Francisco and plan to get to Nancy Hartley's show. Yes, blogging friends are great!

  3. I do like the change. Looks yummy!

    Nice that you and Amy connected in person again! Sounds like fun!

  4. I do like the changes too. The added shadow and new background color give it much more drama...and that gorgeous orange is so great with more light on it. Thanks for including the other one too. It's a good learning experience to see what you reject. Great story too! Isn't Blogworld the most fun?

  5. Pucker me up!
    Not one but 2 tasty, little treats to drool over Kelley. Well done.
    So now I'm beginning to crave a cupcake for breakfast as I wipe the frosting from my face. Have to dash to the bakery - by!

  6. I have forayed into the world of cupcakes this week also. I am going to paint a silk scarf, 36"x36' for my mother-in-law and her daughter suggested cupcakes. Honestly I can't afford the hour trip to town to find and buy cupcakes...and I can't justify eating them! I found amazing pics online of cupcakes...there are even blogs devoted to cupcakes! Who knew? Your beautiful painting looks good enough to eat and my attempt in silk will not be that amazing, but should be a fun, rainbow coloured confection as is proper!

  7. Kelley, How fun that you and Amy got together! I'm envious, I want to come out to RI. The good news is that Pam Holnback from our Workshop Women/ Carol Marine group will be out her next week to see our exhibit at the Lafayette Gallery! I can hardly wait! I only wish that you and all of our other CM class mates could be here too!

  8. Kelley...My digestive system is a mess from eating so many cupcakes..I can't resist after seeing each of your paintings..when will the war end?.....maybe a celery war next? ya right! Will miss you at the Hingham Arts Walk..Have a great Open Studio

  9. Both cupcakes look yummy, but I agree the 2nd is a better painting. Good for you for going the extra step. Can you tell any more about the "so what?" question?


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