Saturday, October 24, 2009

Warren Walkabout, Tomorrow, 10/25 from 11-5

Hi everyone! Sunday, October 25th from 11-5 I'll be welcoming you all into my studio during the Warren Walkabout! Should be decent weather, and my family (including Paco) will be there to meet and greet! Aside from hanging with me where I work, there's the opportunity to visit some amazing artists and artisans in walking distance from my studio. Also there's the Taste of Warren directly across the street at the Warren Fire Station (free munchies!).

Some VERY cool places to visit will be:
The Warren Chairworks (they'll be demo-ing) - you can practically see the studio from my place
Altamira lampworks (you have GOT to see these RISD guys' work - fun and amazing!)
Weaving by Arlene McGonagle directly below me
Mudstone Studios one building over from Altamira - same building as the Chairworks

I will have maps. Many, many more artists and restaurants will be open, I hear restaurants will be giving little samples, too. I will have two 'bargain bins' - one for $35, older Daily Paintings and one for $50, anything (and I mean anything) over the size of the Daily Paintings. Trying to clear out the studio to make room for more! Anyway I would love to see you all... if you come be sure to see me out and say "Hi!"

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  1. Wishing you the best, Kelley and I hope the weather holds.

  2. Excellent sunset painting, Kelley!

    I'm sure the meet and greet will turn out great!



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