Friday, October 2, 2009

Roadside Blues, 6x8 Oil

I don't know what the name of those blue flowers that sprout up in every untended spot in our area. Usually they are right alongside Queen Anne's Lace. Well, I always think about painting them, even though they are 'weeds'... my son Conor, when he was about 6 scolded me for weeding once by telling me "Mom, those are nice plants! There's no such thing as a weed - it's just a plant that grew by accident!".... and that, I guess applies to all sorts of things I take for granted in my life! I think tomorrow - some sort of coffee or tea cup theme... Pin It


  1. You've really captured the essence of those sweet flowers- I always loved those weeds- maybe some sort of aster? and the cornflower blue. Wait- ARE they cornflowers? Funny- i woke up and visualized the same sort of painting this morning- and there it was!
    I love your life metaphor too- sometimes the weeds in our life are overlooked treasures...Good job kelley!

  2. Nope- l looked it up- not a cornflower or even an aster-no idea now! Who cares what they are called- they are lovely!

  3. Charming.
    I like Conor's take on the weeds...

  4. What a lovely painting! Marvelous handling of the glass vase and the flowers, too. I wonder if the flowers might be Cupid's Dart (latin: catananche)? They look a bit like the ones I had in my garden for a few years.

    Your son's comment reminds me of when I worked in a greenhouse. We came up with a saying there that there were only two kinds of plants: those that didn't grow well enough, and those that grew too well.

  5. Ohh, blue flowers are my favorite. I don't know what they are, but they came out well with a very fresh and light feel to them.

  6. Kelley!

    Chris is right. Those blue flowers often seen alongside Queen Anne's Lace are indeed Chicory.

    They are my most favorite wildflower! I'd recognize those soft blue beauties anywhere!

    The blooms open in the early afternoon and tend to close back up slightly in the evening. (You'll notice this more if you use them as a cut flower in the house).

    Thanks for sharing your painting of these wonderful flowers with us!


  7. It's chicory. I've always loved them and want to paint them someday. You've beaten me to it! This is a really lovely painting.


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