Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hot Sauce And Garlic, 6x6 Oil

My humblest apologies for being AWOL ... no real excuse, just was preparing for a big submission, dealing with the rejection of said submission, slapping myself upside the head to get back in the real world to get in the mood and get ready for my Open Studio on Sunday at the Warren Walkabout (err... my studio was 1,200 square feet of MESS after my submission!). And then I alternately 'lost' my camera or let the battery run down. SO. Enough of that.

With the photo below, you can see why I love to get up in the morning - this is a just-pre-dawn shot of what I see out my bedroom window.... (oooops - a little tilt-y!) and you guys, believe this, I've MISSED you all and posting!
Also, shots of Paco helping prep the studio are on Paco's Blog.... Pin It


  1. Sorry about the rejection, Kelley. I could paper my walls with them....LOL Doesn't mean you don't do great work.
    Nice little hot spice painting.

  2. I've been wondering where you've been and was delighted to see your painting in my mailbox this morning! You may have been rejected and know that because of it, and the fact that you share it with us you've helped me immensely! So Thankyou Kelley:)

  3. Fabulous!! Love everything about it - the reflections on the garlic and the striped cloth!

  4. No worries about the submission Kelley!! You know your art is amazing!!
    Love this painting!! Hot sauce is one of my favorite things..... I put it on!!!

  5. Thank you guys - so great to hear from all of you!

  6. I missed you too!!! I have been visiting and wondering where you were! This painting is GOOORRRGEOUS! love it!

  7. Missed you..Would like to see your studio. Where in Warren is it?

  8. Nice painting--my husband's favorite staple food-----hot sauce!

  9. hi kelley!

    oh what a wonderful painting and view! i wish i could come to your open studio tour!

    :) m

  10. Kelley!

    I swear to God, you have the best views EVER!!

    I'm so jealous!

    It might be time for you to start a sunset/sunrise photo blog!


  11. Good for you, picking yourself back up. This is such a wonderful painting!!!

  12. great mood and color harmony. Stripes are awesome!
    About rejection...who cares? Your work is good and it's all a Matter of OPINION!

  13. In addition to loving your paintings, the photos are fabulous! What a view you have! Thanks for sharing!


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