Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All The Fixings, Oil, 6x6


Having recovered from my wonderful Open Studio on Sunday, I am trying to get something to submit to my 'Challenge' group, whose topic for this month was 'Hot Sauce'. However, I found another painter painted what I'd planned (a Bloody Mary) just the way I would have done it - and did such a great job that I had to think of something else to paint. So.... here's the ingredients for a Bloody Mary with Olives, like my friend Ros Farbush likes (had one with her & another friend last Friday!). Who knows, maybe I'll paint the beverage tomorrow - I'll have them at the studio... so if you're thirsty.....
**the most fun thing to paint was the jar of olives....
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  1. Thanks, Mar, and I was freaked at first about the vodka bottle - you know, painting something 'clear'! But it was fun.

  2. Fun and fabulous!Always good to have a challenge.

  3. very ambitious! I love it- now I'm thirsty...
    i think I might stop by tomorrow-what time are you drinking?
    JK- gotta work....

  4. oh my gosh!
    it is fabulous! i love the olives too!

    :) m

  5. Ooooh.... I love Bloody Mary's with olives!! I also love Bloody Caesar's with them..... like a Bloody Mary but made with Clamato!! Yum
    Your painting is fantastic.... now I want one.... it's five o'clock somewhere right?

  6. nice elements here too, I love the hotsauce bottle, olives, well, all of it.

  7. Very cool concept, Kelley!

    This looks like it was a lot of fun to paint!



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