Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My morning tea...*** Edited to add - it looks more like the top one! I got Photoshop and was trying to learn it with the bottom one - looks like I should stick with iPhoto till I get the whole hang of it, huh?
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  1. kelley, you are amazing!

    i love it!

    :) melissa

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  3. I love your tea painting! I'm up every morning having the same cup of green tea! If we didn't live so far I think we'd get together for tea and painting!!

  4. This is very nice.

    Is that some kind of little leaf sticking out of your tea??

  5. Kelley, you are so talented with painting glass and reflections. This painting really shows off your skills! Beautiful!

  6. Love the transparency of the tea. Great painting.

    The wonderful thing about Photoshop is it's so easy to change the color balance to adjust for tungsten light or other issues with the photo. And the trouble with Photoshop is that its so easy to change the colors -- you can ruin the whole palette.


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