Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big Little Beach Girl In April, Acrylic 6x8

The afternoon we got the puppy I hung out at Nantasket Beach in Hull, and we saw this little girl with big dark glasses and new pink Crocks striding around with her hands balled up in her sleeves. I shot a photo, and did this yesterday while *you-know-who* was napping somewhere other than my lap. I think the beach is unclear, and although it would mean changing reality - in that I shot the photo looking UP the mile long deserted beach, I may add a strip of water and sky to the very top of the painting. What's that saying - If it looks right but it's wrong... it's right, and if it looks wrong but it's right, it's wrong. Go ahead.. think on that one ;)

And I've been tagged 3 times for awards within the past 2 weeks, and I'm HUGELY honored! I promise I'll make good on passing them along... but this week it's all I can do to churn out a few Daily Paintings! Thank you!
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  1. I really like this one, with her purposeful stride! Especially the purplish shadow, one of my most favorite colors.
    The beach looks like the beach to me, when the tide goes out and the sand is still wet.

  2. good thoughts to ponder! Very cute little girl full of determination!

  3. Great little painting, Kelley. I really like her determination.

  4. I think I owe you a reply to a comment....Aren't you thrilled that everyone is coming out hibernation! LIke this little girl...How cute. Reminds of my Cecelia. Has spunk!
    We definitely have to plan a time for you, Paula, and Mary to come up. Maybe I can kick hubby out for a night (or just send him upstairs) and you can all stay over and we can do a beach day, painting, and some margaritas and dinner at night. Just a thought ;-)

  5. She definitely looks like she's got a purpose! I love it!!

  6. Very nice! You've captured her spirit so well.

  7. I love this little girls determined stride...very confident and take charge. She's going to be a Dynamo!
    You captured her energy perfectly and I like the way you left the background up to interpretation. Very nice work!

  8. You definitely caught her attitude...nice!

  9. I agree with Maura Fine, here.

    The thing I love the most about this one is the girl's powerful little walk. I think you captured the essence of her quick movement perfectly, Kelley!



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