Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gerbera and Seashell, 6x8 Oil

Well, I'm back in the blogging saddle! I took a few days off to get ready for Easter and get my house organized, and it was almost painful being away from my paints. And then today, the first day back, it was such a struggle to do the Daily Painting! I'm seeing many things I would do differently as I upload the photo. But... I'm going to leave it, and move on to other things. I started Karin Jurick's latest 'Challenge' yesterday, too, and will post that soon. I hope you all had a good weekend! Pin It


  1. Hi Kelley! I know what you mean about the pain of not painting, I missed it too during the long weekend of Easter. Yesterday I resumed work and could feel the flabby art muscle! This is such a nice composition, very unusual! Love the daisy color combined with the quiet color of the shell.

  2. hi kelley!
    oh i absolutely love your new painting!
    you are amazing!
    :) melissa

  3. Kelley,

    I love the way that you painted the daisy, beautifully done! I'm with you, I missed painting too. I finally had a chance to "get back in saddle" yesterday, after a week of Easter, Passover, and two bithdays!

  4. Very nice, Kelley! I like the juxaposition of the hard and the delicate; nice arrangements, nice shadows, too. Has a bit of an Asian feel.

    I've missed a few days too and feeling the same way. Oh well, we'll get it back!

  5. Hey Kelley,
    I just love the new painting! The reds in the Gerbera are fantastic!

  6. Hi Kelley,

    I really like the new painting and it offers the hope of spring....

  7. I LOVE the daisy! The color intensity of the flower and the unusual layout are really nice.

  8. Nicely done flower!
    One great thing about the daily painting thing is that "there's always tomorrow..." :)

  9. Love this! Love the white shell on the cool backdrop with the fabulous daisy. (and on a side note, my car is at the shop too, also having all four brakes worked on, so I feel your pain!) Keep painting, Kelley!

  10. You guys are so kind. So Sandra, it's good to be in such good company! Melissa, soon I'm going to send you a picture of my baby pug!
    'R', you, Sandra and I will have an online 'exercise' class for Daily Paintings!
    Manon and Pat - I SO appreciate your kind comments! Paula, muchos gracias! And Diane - thanks and good luck with YOUR car! Jala... I'll see what today brings!:)

  11. You have a baby pug? I wanna see!!!

  12. Pug shots tomorrow, Saturday - I promise! Tonight I'm busy keeping the cats from killing him!

  13. I like the color combinations here, Kelley.

    I love the sky blues on the seashell. The reds of the gerber daisy are rich and pop against the muted background.

    Oh, and I think this Gerbera turned out much stronger and detailed than the previous gerber daisy painting you recently posted.

    Keep it up!



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