Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ah... I don't exactly know how this one will come out - I'm trying to upload a photo that my friend Franny Andahazy sent me of my Daily Painting. We painted with Margaret McWethy at the Oceanside 17 Gallery in Hull, MA yesterday, and Margaret selected the subject. Sorry for the glare on the right side.. this was the most correct photo in terms of color. It was fun doing something different, and getting 3 artists' take on something. Next week I'll post a photo of everyone's Daily Painting just to see how 3 sets of eyes and 3 artists minds have a different 'take' on a subject! Pin It


  1. Anxious to see everyone's take on this (difficult!) subject. I like your coloration of this.

  2. no photo showing on this for me. still.


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