Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saying Goodbye to the OLD New Studio

This week I'll be packing and moving to my NEW new studio in Warren, RI.  This photo of my present studio shows half the space.  Wait till you see my new digs - I have big plans, I'll tell you!  I'll try to do Daily Paintings (because I love to) and post - hopefully my days of tech nightmares are over now, too with the little MAC I have.

**AND if you've been receiving sexually explicit emails from "Thur" or ThurThur", that came from my 'address' it's because someone signed up for my blog, then turned around and 'used' my address as a platform for this stuff.  They have been exiled from Blogger, and I now #1) moderate all comments on my Daily Painting Blog and #2), enabled that word puzzle thing which is supposed to intercept spam.  I humbly apologize and commiserate, because I was getting them, too, and simply deleting them, blaming my Hotmail account - sorry, Hotmail!
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  1. Kelley - Thanks for your visit to my site - I appreciated your comments. I clicked back and visited each of your blogs - simply wonderful. I love the photo's of your studio and wish mine looked half as organized. Your work is good - full of color and energy - I like that . I will be a return visitor for sure.


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