Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fig Preserves, 6x8 Acrylic

I am supposed to be doing all the responsible things a person does when they've been awol for a number of days, paying bills, running errands, buying cat food, doing laundry, but I keep getting pulled to the easel by some unnameable force!  I've been on a jam buying kick lately, either for the beautiful shapes of the jars, or the lovely colors of the jams, like here, or, because FAUCHON is having a sale (I agree, $35 is a lot to spend on jam - so I'll have to justify it by painting them before I open the 3 jars).  
Here I thought the hardest thing would be the colors in the jam.  Nope.  Nailed it right away.  The hardest things were the stupid elipses on the top of the jar cover - yeah!  I will never be one of those people who takes drawing elipses for granted.  Anyway forgive my jam obsession ;)
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